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Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis is just another name for a natural state of the mind. But it is a hypersuggestible state, sort of like daydreaming, where you can focus your mind to achieve self control over habits.

At our New York City hypnosis and hypnotherapy center, thousands of former smokers in New York have completely quit smoking using hypnosis. Virtually all of those whom truly desired the results , were able to quit smoking using hypnosis after the first session.

The majority of the the people who use hypnosis to stop smoking, have tried on their own using willpower and could not. Not even the complaints of spouses, rigorous New York City laws, and damage to one's health they continue to smoke cigarettes..

Despite the daily effects, as most smokers can not tolerate the stench of their breath and their clothes reek and smell after a smoky night at the bars as if they had brought the bar environment home, not to mention the way their bodies feel as they hack and cough up flem, have shortness of breath. They have read about all the dangers that the media has publicized about cigarette smoking.

And of course, if you're a smoker, you can certainly identify with some of these irrational arguments that maybe you have made at one time or another and continued the smoking habit..

The media, the medical profession and leading professionals have been looking at the amazing results hypnosis and hypnotherapy is to stop smoking is. Everyone has heard of at least one person who has utilized hypnosis to stop the smoking habit.



So why is using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to stop smoking and the smoking habit the most powerful and permanent lasting approach to quit smoking?

The reason being, that by using hypnotherapy and hypnosis to stop smoking, you effectively eliminate, even eradicate he cause of the bad habit right at the source, the inner mind, he subconscious mind, where all your habits reside.!

Most smokers who don't use hypnosis or hypnotherapy to stop smoking do so by using willpower, and are often dismayed at the results. The reason so many people have problems quitting smoking using willpower is because willpower is a product of the conscious mind. The conscious mind has been called the home of temporary memory and willpower which is a part of temporary memory, is not meant for long term change..

The conscious mind likes to think that it’s in control, I mean, you KNOW why YOU SHOULD STOP SMOKING, you know IT'S DANGEROUS, you know IT'S A FOUL HABIT, and it's taking it's toll on your body ... but do you stop? I got news for you, it's the subconscious mind which is in control of all your habits, your past experiences. And if you're going to change a habit, easily and permanently, you have to use the part of the mind that is in charge..

That’s why willpower doesn’t work. Since it works with temporary memory, you have to remind yourself every single day that you want to stop smoking. And what happens, that automatic subconscious mechanism kicks in, just like it has been for years, and before you know it, there's another cigarette hanging off of your lips

Once you reprogram your subconscious mind to accept the conditioning that you desire ... or to replace the old condtioning ....the urge to smoke dissapates.


If I use Hypnosis to Stop Smoking, What About Cravings?

Isn't Nicotine Physically Addicting as well as psychologically addicting
While nicotine is both physically (doctor's agree the addiction cycle is broken in 72 hours) as well as psychologically addicting, the physical addication feeds off the psychological one. When the psychological addiction is taken care of with hypnosis to stop smoking, the physical one is simply replaced by a something as simple as inhaling a few deep breaths.. Virtually all of our clients tell us, it's not even an issue at all when they use hypnosis to stop smoking.

One of the most important things we teach our clients is to switch the conditioned response to a healthier one once the old debilitating, conditioned response has been removed and the client has quit smoking by hypnosis.

Most of my clients who use hypnosis to stop smoking say they have no cravings when they quit smoking by hypnosis. Here is why:

The former smoker's self image improves. Even noticing or in the company of others smoking, they now are happy that they are a non smoker..

They are given the hypnotic suggestion that every time they take a deep breath and drink a glass of water they allow themselves to feel satisfied, energized and clear headed. They affirm the results and expect it to be easy.

Understand that most cravings are a result of conditioning ... doing something over and over again .. which creates a habit.!

Conditioned responses are powerful, but creating new ones can be easy. In hypnosis, the client magines themselves in the future, free and clear of the smoking habit .... feeling full effect of the habits of change.

They also are instructed to spend time in that future, after all, the mind doesn't know the difference between a real or imagined situation, and then look back from that fuure location and remember how EASY it was to use hypnosis to stop smoking, feeling that feeling of taking control of their own life.

Next a trigger is created to ensure successful hypnosis to stop smoking for these future resources:

Triggers might include: Pressing their thumb and finger together on their hand for a few seconds. By creating a trigger, the touch of the thumb and finger triggers a feeling in your brain of that CONTROL you've always desired.

What differentiates the Hypnosis Center from other hypnotists in New York. We are the home of the International Society of Applied Hypnosis and our hypnotists receive the latest cuttng edge training and are certified by the top instructors in the country. You can feel assured that you are getting a well trained hypnosis coach to guide you to your goal of Stop Smoking in New York City.

Also, You can see by our countless testimonials, tv appearances and endorsements from leading corporations, using hypnosis to stop smoking is the hands-down most easy way to quit without feeling deprived You simply won't even want a cigarette!


Our hypnotherapy to stop smoking success rate is virtually 100% for those you really DESIRE the RESULTs, we can help you.

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